World’s Most Spectacular Libraries!

No matter how magnificent a city’s architecture is, book lovers are always on the lookout for libraries wherever he goes. If you also like to be called a bibliophile, then these spectacular libraries will leave your breathless. From a dreamlike library in a monastery in Prague to a classy white giant house in Germany, this world is a wonderful place for book lovers. Scroll down to have a glimpse of world’s most spectacular libraries and the bookworm in you will start itching!

George Peabody Library in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Fun fact: This library has also served as a wedding venue for many many couples!

Seattle Public Library’s Central Library, Seattle, Washington

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Trinity College Literary, Dublin

Fun fact: Originally found in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth 1, the current structure began construction in the 18th century!

Real Gabinete Português de Leitura – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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The Klementinum Library, Prague, Czech Republic

Fun fact: Legend has it the Jesuits had just one book when they started building this library in 1622 and by the time they were done, its collection had swelled up to 20,000 volumes!

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Strahov Monastery Library, Prague, Czech Republic

Fun Fact: Originally found in 1173, Strahov Monastery stood the test of time and continued this magnificent construction in 1679.  It has a “compilation wheel” that can turn and spin the shelves so that it becomes easier to find your books without knocking them over!

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Stuttgart City Library, Stuttgart, Germany

Fun fact: This one looks like a giant monolithic white cube, but turns incandescent blue after sunset! Shaped as an upside down pyramid, this dramatic ultra white interior has a five-story reading room with meeting rooms, a café, and a rooftop terrace. Also known as the  “Library for Insomniacs”, patrons can visit even at wee hours to indulge in a small section of material open to readers.

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State Library of South Australia; Adelaide, Australia

Admont Abbey Library, Admont, Austria

Fun fact: The oldest remaining monastery in Styria, Admont Abbey houses the largest ever monastic library in the world with a lengthy historic scientific book collection.

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Beinecke Rare Book Library, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Fun fact: This library solely contains the rarest collection of books, manuscripts and literary archives.

You only wish you could pounce on all these books at once!

Well, if you are planning to seek a heaven of your own, visit one of these in you get the chancw. Because “A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life.”

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