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  • Wonderful and great to do work with you. Known you for many years. Always dependable trustworthy and so courteous and helpful. Very good and worthy advise. I love it. You are alĺ wonderful persons . Personal touch. Wish you all the best.
  • Our honeymoon trip to turkey was planned by Trip tap toe where Ms Sahiba and Mr Sahil has assisted and help to custom designed our package. It was well planned and properly executed trip. Both Ms Sahiba and Mr Sahil were in continuous touch with us while we were in turkey and has assisted us for eve... Read More
  • Initially the name trip tap toe was unheard of for me , but it's advisor Harleen has made this name memorable for us. We went to Paris , Amsterdam and Luzern , everything was planned meticulously , be it selection of hotels or sight seeing tours or transfers , all were designed to make us comfort... Read More

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